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sERC20 takes full control when handling the blacklisting of address's. These built in methods control everything for your convenience.


The router address can not be blacklisted.
The pair address can not be blacklisted.
The contract address can not be blacklisted.
Blacklisting is only available for 10 minutes post trading enabled.

Blacklisting an address

The sERC20 contract takes full control of changes to your blacklist. Under the hood the library exposes the following functions for your convenience.

Setting the blacklisted status of an address

// External usage
function sercSetBlacklisted(address[] memory _addrList, bool _isBlacklisted)
// Internal usage
function _sercSetBlacklisted(address[] memory _addrList, bool _isBlacklisted)
Remember this method is only available for up to 10 minutes after trading had been enabled!

Checking if an account is blacklisted

The sERC20 contract exposes functions for reading the blacklisted status on an address. You should NEVER handle these yourself, always refer to our built in methods to maintain your sERC20 implementation integrity.

Retrieve the blacklisted status for an address

// External usage
function sercIsBlacklisted(address _addr) public view returns (bool)
// Internal usage
function _sercIsBlacklisted(address _addr) internal returns (bool)
Remember! ALWAYS use our build in methods any time you access state that can be controlled by sERC20, doing otherwise compromises your implementation integrity.